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太平洋/澳紐 本地華人宣教工場





Located in the north-east of Australia, north of New Zealand. Pacific climate

with 23-31 annual average temperature. There’ll be heavy rain & tropical cyclone every year from November to April. Fiji is formed by 800 islands with the total area of 18,272 sq metres. The Melanesians from Indonesia migrated to Fiji a few thousand years ago. Fijians were cannibals & tribal disputes were common. Fiji was a British colony since 1874, it became independent as a member of the Commonwealth in 1970. 

Capital city



886,373 (2014 est). Mainly settled in Viti Levu & Vanua Levu. English is the official language. Fijian & Indian are the other common languages.


Fijians accounts for 50.8% of the national population. They are born Christians & many of them are thus nominal Christians. Indians are offspring of the early migrated labours accounts for 43.7%. They are mainly Indians or Muslims.The other 5.5% are Polynesians, Europeans & Chinese.

Chinese population

There are about 10,000 (estimated) Chinese mainly populated in Suva. They operate grocery shops, restaurants, food processing factories or vegetable growing. Chinese mainly came from Taiwan & Hong Kong in the past but also from Mainland China nowadays. There are some seafarers too.


Primary industries mainly include sugar cane, coconut, timber & fisheries. Tourism is a major source of income.

CCM missionary


Prayer Points

pray for a long-term missionary to pastor the Fiji Chinese Christian Church. 

pray for the Chinese Christian fellowships in Suva, Nadi & Lautoka although there are not many in the congregations. Life in Fiji is simple and the Chinese normally respond positively to the Good News.

pray for the political & economic stability


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